Graham Smith

12888586_10209304186951539_4742401962626429321_oSection: Tenor I Class: 2020 Graduate Program: Computational Neuroscience Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Graham is a third year graduate student in computational neuroscience (he doesn’t know what it means either — something about the brain? and computers?). He finished a math major in 2015. Though he was not able to escape Chicago’s cold embrace, he managed to flee the math department. Or did he? Despite his best efforts, the UChicago math has already left its indelible mark. Slowly, ever so slowly, he regresses to a math grad student (so, it’s not brains or computers? how does that make any sense?). To combat the impending Cthulian insanity, he started singing in CMAC at the beginning of last year So far, it’s working! (he hopes)