Will Myers

Section: Baritone Class: 2018 Major: Music Hometown: Bernardsville, NJ

Will is usually a little too eager to sing, his repertoire ranging from musical theatre to German Lieder to Veggie Tales and Disney. Over the past four years at UChicago, he shaped for himself a comprehensive musical education balanced by musicological academic studies and a rigorous performance agenda. As two capstones to these respective endeavors, this spring he will submit a BA thesis on the culture of amateurism in the American choral tradition in the 20th century and perform a senior voice recital with a program representative of his 8 years of performance experience. Will is an aspiring conductor, and since 2017 can be seen waving his arms abstractly in front of Chicago Men’s A Cappella, Rockefeller Chapel Choir, and Motet Choir. Will is also a dog-lover, an ex-math major, a passable cook, and enjoys running, camping, teaching, and road trips.