Wolf Hertzberg

wolfSection: Baritone
Class: 2020
Major: Undecided
Hometown: New York, New York

Wolf Hertzberg has been obsessed with rhythm and sound since he was a bubbly but incoherent toddler. In his past musical lives he was a djembe player (in the rosy years of the mid-aughts), the timpanist of a student orchestra (c. 1824-1894), a drummer for numerous jazz bands (2011-present, with brief time-warps back to May/December of 1959), and a singer in a young men’s chorus called the DaltonKights (undefined). He is excited to join CMAC in that most atypical and elusive of roles: the baritone.

When wearing other hats, Wolf can be found playing in the Jazz Combo, attending Model UN meetings, writing articles for the Gate political publication, or going to Doc. He rides his bike everywhere and races sailboats when the temperature permits (unfortunately, he has made the critical error of moving to Chicago). Wolf loves painting, jazz, modern architecture, Wes Anderson films, oolong tea, watches, universal basic income, France, whales, human rights, the UN, and those Mathew McConahey Lincoln commercials. He doesn’t like Facebook slacktivists, eggplant, states’ rights, climate change, sleep, over-brewed tea, neoliberalism, God, and being on time for things.